Build config: substitutions

In some places you can use substitution to configure values. It looks like substitution in bash and uses following syntax:

'param' : '${VAR}/some-string'

where VAR is a name of substitution. If you set this var to some value like this:

substvars: {
    'VAR' : 'myvalue',

then param from above example will be resolved as myvalue/some-string.

Such variables can be set in the root substvars or in the task substvars. Root substvars are visible in any build task while task substvars only in selected task. If some name exists in the both substvars then value from task substvars will be used.

Also such variables can be set by some config-actions. See var in config action find-program.

There are some variables which ZenMake sets always:

PROJECT_NAME:Name of the current project. See name here.
TOP_DIR:Absolute path of startdir of the top-level buildconf file. Usually it is root directory of the current project.
BUILDROOT_DIR:Absolute path of buildroot.
BUILDTYPE_DIR:Absolute path of current buildtype directory.
PREFIX:Installation prefix.
BINDIR:Installation bin directory.
LIBDIR:Installation lib directory.
DESTDIR:Installation destination directory. It’s mostly for installing to a temporary directory. For example this is used when building deb packages. See also --destdir command line argument for commands ‘install’/’uninstall’.

In some cases some extra variables are provided. For example, variables SRC and TGT are provided for the cmd in the task parameter run.