Version 0.10.0 (2020-09-23)

  • support Fortran language
  • add basic D language support
  • add selectable parameters for buildconf task parameters
  • support external dependencies
  • add ‘tryall’ and ‘after’/’before’ for parallel configuration actions
  • add correct buildconf validation for nested types
  • add configuration action ‘call-pyfunc’ (‘check-by-pyfunc’) to parallel actions
  • add configuration action ‘check-code’
  • add configuration actions ‘pkgconfig’ and ‘toolconfig’ (support pkg-config and other *-config tools)
  • add configuration action ‘find-file’
  • add ‘remove-defines’ for configuration action ‘write-config-header’
  • add option to add extra files to monitor (‘monitor-files’)
  • add buildconf task parameters ‘stlibs’ and ‘stlibpath’
  • add buildconf task parameters ‘monitlibs’ and ‘monitstlibs’
  • add buildconf task parameter ‘export-config-actions’
  • add buildconf task parameter ‘enabled’
  • add buildconf task parameter ‘group-dependent-tasks’
  • add add buildconf task parameter ‘install-files’
  • add parameter ‘build-work-dir-name’ to buildconf ‘features’
  • add simplified form of patterns using for buildconf task parameter ‘source’
  • add custom substitution variables
  • add detection of msvc, gfortran, ifort and D compilers for command ‘sysinfo’
  • add number of CPUs for command ‘sysinfo’
  • add ‘not-for’ condition for config var ‘matrix’
  • add ability to set compiler flags in buildconf parameter ‘toolchains’
  • add ability to use ‘run’ in buildconf as a string or function
  • add cdmline options –verbose-configure (-A) and –verbose-build (-B)
  • add cmdline option ‘–force-edeps’
  • add c++ demo project with boost libraries
  • add demo project with luac
  • add demo project with ‘strip’ utility on linux
  • add demo project with dbus-binding-tool
  • add demo projects for gtk3
  • add demo project for sdl2
  • add codegen demo project
  • improve support of spaces in values (paths, etc)
  • improve unicode support
  • use sha1 by default for hashes
  • correct some english text in documentation
  • detach build obj files from target files
  • remove locks in parallel configuration actions
  • small optimization of configuration actions
  • improve validation for parallel configuration actions
  • improve error handling for configuration actions with python funcs
  • improve buildconf errors handling
  • improve use of buildconf parameter ‘project.version’
  • remake/improve handling of cache/db files (see buildconf parameter ‘db-format’)
  • reduce size of zenmake.pyz by ignoring some unused waf modules
  • apply solution from waf issue 2272 to fix max path limit on windows with msvc
  • rename ‘–build-tests’ to ‘–with-tests’, enable it for ‘configure’ and add ability to use -t and -T as flags
  • rename ‘sys-lib-path’ to ‘libpath’ and fix bug with incorrect value
  • rename ‘sys-libs’ to ‘libs’
  • rename ‘conftests’ to ‘config-actions’
  • rename config action ‘check-programs’ to ‘find-program’ and change behaviour
  • make ordered configuration actions
  • disable ‘:’ in task names
  • refactor code to support task features in separated python modules
  • don’t merge buildconf parameter ‘project’ in sub buildconfs (see ‘subdirs’)
  • fix bug with toolchain supported more than one language
  • fix some bugs with env vars
  • fix compiling problem with the same files in different tasks
  • fix bug with object file indexes
  • fix command ‘clean’ for case when build dir is symlink
  • fix Waf bug of broken ‘vnum’ for some toolchains
  • fix parsing of cmd line in ‘runcmd’ on windows
  • fix processing of destdir, prefix, bindir, libdir
  • remove configuration action (test) ‘check’

Version 0.9.0 (2019-12-10)

  • add config parameter ‘startdir’
  • add config parameter ‘subdirs’ to support sub configs
  • add ‘buildroot’ as the command-line arg and the environment variable
  • print header with some project info
  • add parallel configuration tests
  • fix default command-line command
  • fix problem of too long paths in configuration tests on Windows
  • fix some small bugs in configuration tests
  • rid of the wscript file during building
  • improve buildconf validator
  • improve checking of the task features
  • update Waf to version 2.0.19
  • remove config parameters ‘project.root’ and ‘srcroot’