What is it?

ZenMake is a build system based on the meta build system/framework Waf. The main purpose of ZenMake is to be as simple to use as possible but remain flexible.

Some reasons to create this project can be found here.

It uses declarative configuration files with ability to use the real programming language (python).

Main features

  • Easy to use and flexible build config as python (.py) or as yaml file. Details are here.
  • Distribution as zip application or as system package (pip). See Installation.
  • Automatic build order and dependencies.
  • Automatic reconfiguring: no need to run command ‘configure’.
  • Compiler autodetection.
  • Building and running functional/unit tests including an ability to build and run tests only on changes. Details are here.
  • Running custom scripts during a build phase.
  • Build configs in sub directories.
  • Building external dependencies.
  • Supported platforms: GNU/Linux, MacOS, MS Windows. Some other platforms like OpenBSD/FreeBSD should work as well but it hasn’t been tested.
  • Supported languages:
    • C: gcc, clang, msvc, icc, xlc, suncc, irixcc
    • C++: g++, clang++, msvc, icpc, xlc++, sunc++
    • D: dmd, ldc2, gdc (MS Windows is not supported yet)
    • Fortran: gfortran, ifort
    • Assembler: gas (GNU Assembler), nasm/yasm (experimental)

Plans to do

There is no clear roadmap for this project. I add features that I think are needed to include.