Here are some descriptions of general commands. You can get the list of the all commands with a short description by zenmake help or zenmake --help. To get help on selected command you can use zenmake help <selected command> or zenmake <selected comman> --help. Some commands have short aliases. For example you can use bld instead of build or dc instead of distclean.

Configure a project. In most cases you don’t need to call this command directly. Command build calls this command itself if necessary. This command processes most of values from buildconf of a project. Any change in buildconf leads to call of this command. You can change this behaviour with parameter autoconfig in buildconf features.
Build a project of the current directory. It’s the main command. To see all possible parameters use zenmake help build or zenmake build --help. For example you can use -v to see more info about building process or -p to use progress bar instead of text logging. It calls configure itself if necessary by default.
Build and run tests of the current directory. If current project has no tests it’s almost the same as running command build. Command test builds and runs tests by default while command build doesn’t.
Remove build files for selected buildtype of a project. It doesn’t touch other build files.
Remove the build directory of a project with everything in it.
Install the build targets in some destination directory using installation prefix. It builds targets itself if necessary. You can control paths with environment variables or command line parameters (see zenmake help install). It looks like classic make install in common.
Remove the build targets installed with command install.