What is it?

ZenMake is a cross-platform build system for C/C++ and some other languages. It uses meta build system Waf as a framework.

Some reasons to create this project can be found here.

Main features

  • Build config as python (.py) or as yaml file. Details are here.

  • Distribution as zip application or as system package (pip). See Installation.

  • Automatic reconfiguring: no need to run command ‘configure’.

  • Compiler autodetection.

  • Building and running functional/unit tests including an ability to build and run tests only on changes. Details are here.

  • Build configs in sub directories.

  • Building external dependencies.

  • Supported platforms: GNU/Linux, MacOS, MS Windows. Some other platforms like OpenBSD/FreeBSD should work as well but it hasn’t been tested.

  • Supported languages:

    • C: gcc, clang, msvc, icc, xlc, suncc, irixcc

    • C++: g++, clang++, msvc, icpc, xlc++, sunc++

    • D: dmd, ldc2, gdc; MS Windows is not supported yet

    • Fortran: gfortran, ifort (should work but not tested)

    • Assembler: gas (GNU Assembler)

  • Supported toolkits/frameworks: - SDL v2 (Linux only) - GTK v3 (Linux only) - Qt v5

Plans to do

There is no clear roadmap for this project. I add features that I think are needed to include.