Supported toolkits


To build C++ project with Qt5 you can put qt5 in features. In such tasks in the source parameter not only .cpp files but .qrc, .ui and .ts files can be specified as well.

There are additional task parameters for Qt5 tasks: moc, rclangprefix, langdir-defname, bld-langprefix, unique-qmpaths, install-langdir.

There are also several additional environment variables for Qt5 toolkit such as: QT5_BINDIR, QT5_SEARCH_ROOT, QT5_LIBDIR and some others.

ZenMake tries to find Qt5 with qmake and searches for it in QT5_SEARCH_ROOT and in the system PATH environment variables. You can use QT5_BINDIR to set directory path with qmake in it. The PATH and QT5_SEARCH_ROOT environment variables are ignored in this case.

You can specify minimum/maximum version of Qt5 with the QT5_MIN_VER and QT5_MAX_VER environment variables.

To specify needed Qt5 modules you should use the use parameter like this:

use : QtWidgets QtDBus # original title case of Qt5 modules must be used

ZenMake always adds QtCore module to the use for tasks with qt5 in features because every other Qt5 module depends on QtCore module. So you don’t need to specify QtCore to the use parameter.

Simple Qt5 task can be like that:

    features  : cxxprogram qt5
    source    : prog/**/*.cpp prog/**/*.qrc prog/**/*.ui prog/**/*.ts
    moc       : prog/**/*.h
    use       : QtWidgets

Also it is recommended to look at examples in the qt5 directory in the repository here.